Sam Stelfox

Thoughts from a software engineer, systems hacker and Linux gubernāre.

About Myself

I live and work out of the Burlington, VT area though I tend to travel all over the state and to a lesser extent New England. I went to school at Vermont Technical College for Software Engineering which was followed up as being their Network & Systems Administrator. Currently I'm working at PwnieExpress on a cloud intelligence platform.

I am an avid computer and network security enthusiast with a strong passion for exploring the depths of Linux environments, though I am familiar with Windows environments as well.

I'm endlessly driven to create, to break, and find the solutions to the problems I uncover. There is no rest from this task, there is always another bigger, deeper, and more challenging problem to tackle.

My other major passion is books; There is nothing as exhilerating as holding another world in your hands, washed in the smell of the tannins mingling with a good cup of coffee in the morning.

You’re welcome to peruse my LinkedIn profile if you are interested in learning more about my education or professional experience or check out my participation in the StackExchange sites.

If you’re in the Burlington, VT area and have a passion for electronics, radios, fabrication processes, computer security, or programming I strongly recommend you take a look at Vermont’s First Hackerspace of which I was one of the founding members.

If you’d like to get ahold of me you can:

Like my Work?

All of the open source stuff I work on is either under MIT or GPLv3. Unless otherwise noted consider code on this site MIT licensed. I’m always happy to hear feedback on any of my projects via email.

If you like the site you can read more about it in the Colophon.