Sam Stelfox

Thoughts from a software engineer, systems hacker and Linux gubernāre.


While I was building this site I had a few requirements:

There were many roads that I could down but ultimately decided that I’d follow the growing trend of people that were building “flat-file” websites. This route would make the site incredibly easy to host and as fast as you can get.

The Engine

There are several solid flat-file site generators written in Ruby including Jekyll and Octopress (Which is technically Jekyll behind the scenes as well), however, those projects seem to have a few outstanding bugs, are beginning to go stale, have some strange quirks and the maintainers of Jekyll at least seem to be slow in accepting pull requests.

I took a stab at building my own, which was a never released bit of code I named StrangeCase. It worked well and it generated my last site for over a year. I moved away from it to Nanoc as it was more flexible than my system, it just took me a while to get it customized to have feature parity with mine and be able to handle all of my content.