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TRESOR is quite interesting as it's key never enters RAM and as such is not vulnerable to extraction from RAM. It unfortunately doesn't seem to be merged into the kernel yet, which means a custom kernel will need to be compiled with it AND only for 2.6.36. However, it is also the best bet for the security of an encrypted linux system.

Linux Builtin Disk Ciphers

Finding what ciphers are available and compiled into the kernel can be accomplished with the following command. This command will show ciphers and hashes so you'll need to be intelligent about which ones to use.

cat /proc/crypto | grep name

I've compiled a speed test for various cipher combinations based on what was available to me. There is generally a security/speed tradeoff with ciphers but in some cases this isn't always true. I strongly recommend reading more about the various ciphers before making your own decisions for high-security information.

Cipher Read Speed
-c tnepres 20.1 MB/s
-c serpent 20.4 MB/s
-c seed-ecb-plain -s 256 20.5 MB/s
-c fcrypt-pcbc-plain -s 64 30.4 MB/s
-c khazad-ecb-plain -s 128 31.7 MB/s
-c xtea-ecb-plain -s 128 32.0 MB/s
-c arc4 32.1 MB/s
-c xeta-ecb-plain -s 128 32.1 MB/s
-c twofish 34.2 MB/s
-c anubis-cbc-plain -s 256 37.5 MB/s
-c anubis -s 256 37.8 MB/s
-c tea-ecb-plain -s 128 38.1 MB/s
-c anubis-ecb-plain -s 256 39.6 MB/s
-c cast6-cbc-plain -s 256 40.0 MB/s
-c cast6 40.7 MB/s
-c des-ecb-plain -s 64 42.0 MB/s
-c camellia -s 256 42.2 MB/s
-c anubis -s 128 46.4 MB/s
-c anubis-cbc-plain -s 128 47.5 MB/s
-c anubis-ecb-plain -s 128 49.4 MB/s
-c cast5-cbc-plain -s 128 50.2 MB/s
-c camellia -s 128 51.4 MB/s
-c aes -s 256 55.9 MB/s
-c aes-cbc-plain -s 256 56.4 MB/s
-c aes-cbc-benbi -s 256 56.7 MB/s
-c aes-cbc-null -s 256 57.0 MB/s
-c blowfish 57.2 MB/s
-c aes-ecb-benbi -s 256 58.8 MB/s
-c aes-ecb-null -s 256 59.5 MB/s
-c aes-ecb-plain -s 256 60.3 MB/s
-c blowfish-ecb-plain 61.4 MB/s
-c aes-xts-plain -s 256 61.6 MB/s
-c aes-lrw-plain -s 256 62.8 MB/s
-c aes-cbc-plain -s 128 66.8 MB/s
-c aes-ctr-plain -s 128 67.0 MB/s
-c aes-cbc-null -s 128 67.1 MB/s
-c aes-cbc-benbi -s 128 67.4 MB/s
-c aes -s 128 67.5 MB/s
-c aes-ecb-plain -s 128 71.0 MB/s
-c aes-ecb-benbi -s 128 71.2 MB/s
-c aes-ecb-null -s 128 71.5 MB/s
None (Baseline) 105 MB/s