Sam Stelfox

Thoughts from a software engineer, systems hacker and Linux gubernāre.

Hello dear netizen! I greatly appreciate your foray into my site. I'm currently undergoing a transition to a new site, so please forgive the lack of design.

The entirety of the Knowledge Base section was more or less pulled directly from my various notes and documentation directories. This means that some of it may be outdated, overly verbose, incomplete, highly opinionated and comes with no warantee.

Some of the pages in the knowledge base were pulled verbatim (or with only minor tweaking) into my notes directory from other sources to keep close at hand. It is not my intention to take credit for these works, and as time permits I will go and add attribution links where I find they are missing.

I'll be rapidly updating this site with more information in the coming weeks, adding a proper design, performing some pagination and cleaning up some of the content. If you feel you've found something on my site worthwhile or in need of correction don't hesitate to drop me a line. There are quite a few ways to get ahold of me, most of which are documented on my about page.