Thank you for taken an interest in me. Professionally I’m a systems programmer with over a decade of experience of architecting, configuring, maintaining, and operating both local and cloud services. I’ve been a network and systems administrator (Windows & Linux), web developer, security analyst, cloud architect, devops throughout some portion of my career.

Currently I’m working at Minim bringing some of my security knowledge to improving the state of home and IoT security.

Personally, I’m an eternal student and explorer of the universe. I read as much as my free time allows, from the most dry of the current batch of whitepapers, to philosophy through history, to various types of fiction (with historical fiction and hard scifi having special places in my heart and collection).

I love teaching and helping people. This has driven me to volunteer at several security conferences, found a hackerspace with friends, and help setup and run maker faires.

I work on software in some of my free time, usually trying to learn something new or recreating a service that I use regularly (either because it has a flaw that is annoying me, or to better understand the problem space).

I deeply enjoy reading; There are few things I enjoy as much as holding another world in my hands, washed in the smell of the tannins mingling with a good cup of coffee in the morning.

For a more detailed professional breakdown, I encourage you to peruse my LinkedIn profile. If you’d like to get a hold of me to ask about a project, myself, or just want a friend you can reach me by:

I’d kindly like recruiters, and those looking to sell me goods or services to refrain from reaching out. I exclusively use personal referrals or my own research for products and services and do not appreciate the spam.

Like my Work?

All of the open source stuff I work on is usually licensed MIT or GPLv3. Consider any code samples in posts on this site to be under the MIT license unless otherwise noted. I’m always happy to hear feedback on any of my projects via email.