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I’m a systems architect with a decade of experience of designing, configuring, maintaining, and operating Linux environments. Currently, I’m developing network sensors and the associated analytics platform for collecting and processing network visibility and security information at PwnieExpress.

I’m endlessly driven to create, to break, and find the solutions to the problems I uncover. There is no rest from this task, there is always another bigger, deeper, and more challenging problem to tackle.

My other major passion is books; There is nothing as exhilerating as holding another world in your hands, washed in the smell of the tannins mingling with a good cup of coffee in the morning.

You’re welcome to peruse my LinkedIn profile if you are interested in learning more about my education or professional experience.

Like my Work?

All of the open source stuff I work on is usually licensed MIT or GPLv3. Consider any code samples in posts on this site licensed under the MIT licensed unless otherwise noted. I’m always happy to hear feedback on any of my projects via email.