Recently I’ve been playing around with building a pure javascript full text search engine for static content sites like this one. One of the challenges with doing this has been working around the Markdown markup embedded in the written content.

Most of the markdown syntax can be stripped out simply by removing all non-alphanumeric characters from the document and move on. This doesn’t solve one of the bigger challenges I’ve experienced… Code blocks. Code blocks have plenty of regular English-ish words and can easily skew keyword detection within it.

I didn’t want to write my own Markdown parser, so I started with the one already in use by this site’s renderer (redcarpet). Another GitHub user, Markus Koller or toupeira on GitHub provided the basis for the code that became the redcarpet “StripDown” formatter, which was designed to essentially render a Markdown document without the markup.

It does almost exactly what I want, except it still outputs raw code inside the content. The following code sample includes a modified version that excludes any code blocks. My content is also formatted inside the markdown documents to never be longer than 80 lines, this also turns individual paragraphs and list items into individual lines for paragraph detection.

require 'redcarpet'
require 'redcarpet/render_strip'

class ContentRenderer < Redcarpet::Render::StripDown
  def block_code(*args)

  def list_item(content, list_type)
    content.gsub("\n", " ") + "\n\n"

  def paragraph(text)
    text.gsub("\n", " ") + "\n\n"

markdown =, fenced_code_blocks: true)
puts markdown.render(''))

The above code will print out just the content of the markdown formatted file ‘’.