Using Dnsmasq as a Standalone TFTP Server

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If you've come across this blog post with the intention of setting up TFTP on an modern version of OpenWRT I have a more recent blog post detailing how too configure your system.

I found myself in need of a TFTP server but wanted to avoid having all of the xinet.d packages and services on my system (even if they were disabled). While looking for alternatives I found out that dnsmasq has a built-in read-only TFTP server.

Configuring PXE Booting on OpenWRT

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I needed to support PXE booting on my home network. I use OpenWRT as my main router and DHCP server and it took me a bit of searching how to configure the BOOTP next server to redirect local clients to my Arch TFTP/NFS server for booting, so I'm placing the configuration here to help others who might be looking to do the same thing.

Running Emails Through Ruby

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Following up on my earlier post where I covered how to backup your Gmail account using fetchmail and procmail; I wanted to cover how I was additionally processing received mail through ruby.

This was part of a larger project where I was doing statistical analysis on my email while evaluating various data stores. To get the emails into the various data stores, I used the ruby script to parse, process and store the emails as they came in.

Downloading Google Mail and Calendar Data

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I [recently posted][1] a guide on backing up your Gmail with fetchmail. This unfortunately doesn't include your calendar data. It seems like backing up was a hot enough topic that the Google Gmail team are [releasing an official backup method][2]. It's not completely in the wild yet but I definitely look forward to poking around in it.

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