Taking Back the Sky

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During my daily review of various new sources I came across one particular article that was both concerning and very amusing. Drones have been getting more and more popular, and more accessible. They've been getting used by the military, law enforcement, recently Amazon (though they've abandoned that for now), you can even purchase one for your iPhone at airports.

Fail Fast in Bash Scripts

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I found myself writing another bash script that should exit should any of the few commands within it fail to run. As I began writing some error handling after each command, and isolating the sections into bash functions I figured there had to be a better way. After a little Googling and a trip through the bash man pages sure enough:

Using VIM as Your Password Manager

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There are all kinds of password managers out there. Everything from web services that are quite solid and respectable, to native desktop apps.

A lot of these are simply too heavy for me, involve installing software on a computer to access in addition to sharing the file around, or required you to remember multiple account details before you could get access to any individual password.

Backing up Gmail with fetchmail

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This morning I found myself in need of a large set of emails to test a particular set of code. Ideally these emails would be broken out into easily digestible pieces, and it was strictly for my own personal testing so I wasn't concerned with using my own live data for this test (There will probably be another post on this project later on).

Ruby's Option Parser - a More Complete Example

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Recently while writing a Ruby program I needed to parse some command line options. Helpfully Ruby provides a module named OptionParser to make this easy. I found a few parts of the documentation ambiguous and a few others down right confusing.

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