Including LDIF Files in OpenLDAP

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While setting up and OpenLDAP server I found my distribution shipped with a couple of schema files, but no equivalent LDIF files. I found ways to convert the file using slapcat and slaptest and the files were valid on their own.

Cross-Compiling Gentoo for Xilinx Boards

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Note: If you've come here looking to build a root filesystem for 32 bit ARM devices I suspect everything but the build tuple will be the same. The issues that need to be worked around largely packaging and profile issues that should all be the same.

I got a hold of a Zynq 7100 development board, and while I've played with some embedded ARM microcontrollers such as the STM32F3 series and more basic RISC style microcontrollers like Atmel's SAMD10 and Atmega lines, I've never played with FPGA development before so I considered this an interesting learning opportunity.

Converting CPIO Files to Tarballs

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I needed to convert a directory full of CPIO files to tar balls. This quick script did the trick for me but didn't preserve the user / group. Running it as root will preserve the ownership information but that wasn't important for my immediate use case.

Unusable Secret Key

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I use a Yubikey NEO to store subkeys used for signing and authentication. I started experiencing a weird issue with it. It coincided with me rebuilding my system so diagnosing it ended up being harder than normal. The behavior I experienced allowed me to use the key to authenticate (SSH'ing worked fine) but any attempt to sign new data resulted in an 'Unusuable secret key' error. For git this resulted in the following message:

XFCE Failed to Connect to Socket

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While trying to build up a minimal Gentoo graphical environment I kept running into an error every time I logged into XFCE from lightdm (I didn't try starting up XFCE any other way). There are tons of blog posts that relate to systemd, ubuntu, or crouton but none related to Gentoo.

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