Visible Yet Missing Logical Volumes

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While working on an automated install script for an embedded board, I hit an issue with the logical volumes never showing up in /dev/mapper, and in turn unable to be mounted. This left me in the dracut emergency shell (after about three minutes), with little to go on beyond the following error:

Vultr Deny All Firewall

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While setting up new instances on Vultr for testing, I wanted to initially ensure that no traffic beyond my own could touch the instances. After adding a matching rule for SSH to my IPv4 address, a default rule shows up that drops any unspecified traffic. Switching to the IPv6 I wanted to add a drop all rule (as I wouldn't be using IPv6 until the system was up).

Security Principles

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While reviewing current security hardening practices put out by several organizations and attempting to filter the good recommendations from the outdated legislated requirements, I came across one of the best descriptions of basic security principles. You can find it in the NIST Guide to General Server Security (published in 2008).

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