During my daily review of various new sources I came across one particular article that was both concerning and very amusing. Drones have been getting more and more popular, and more accessible. They’ve been getting used by the military, law enforcement, recently Amazon (though they’ve abandoned that for now), you can even purchase one for your iPhone at airports.

The security of these systems hasn’t been thoroughly tested publicly, though there is at least one report of a military drone being stolen already. With the beginnings of various commercial uses of drones, expanding beyond hobbiests exploring what they can do with them.

Someone had to start the testing eventually and Samy Kamkar took the lead this time with his new project Skyjack. The article that tipped me off to this project can be found over on Threatpost.

The gist of the project is a drone that can forcibly disconnect other drone’s controller and take it’s place to “steal” the drone.

I can imagine a whole cyberpunk thriller action scene where corporate anarchists hijack a drone and use it’s trusted status within the drone’s network to hack in and take control of the entire CNC drone system to further their goals.