I recently reflashed my primary router to a newer version of OpenWRT and attempted to follow my own directions written in an earlier blog post to add PXE booting to my local network using the dnsmasq service built in. After following my advice I found that the dnsmasq service wasn’t starting.

Looking into the logread output I finally saw that this was due too a permission issue. Combining this with the output of ps too identify the user that dnsmasq was running on I was able to both modify my instructions and use OpenWRT’s own configuration system to perform the configuration instead of modifying the dnsmasq configuration.

First was solving the permissions issue. I created a dedicated directory at /var/tftp and changed the ownership to ’nobody’ and ’nogroup’ and mode too ‘0755’.

Previously I used /var/lib/tftp, however, the default permissions on the /var/lib directory is too restrictive and I didn’t want to reduce the rest of that directories security posture simply too allow directory traversal.

Next up was getting the TFTP portion of dnsmasq configured and running. Open up /etc/config/dhcp and under the dnsmasq section add the following lines (or if these lines already exist adjust the values to match).

option enable_tftp '1'
option tftp_root '/var/tftp'
option dhcp_boot 'pxelinux.0'

Run uci commit dhcp too commit the changes and finally /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart To apply the changes. You’ll want too put the pxelinux.0 and associated configuration files into the /var/tftp directory too complete the PXE booting configuration.

I’ll probably write a blog post covering my PXE setup and configuration if I don’t get distracted by other projects.