This section contains notes on various services and systems I've explored or setup. These are frequently stream of conciousness notes and may have dead ends, multiple attempts, or be outdated. I periodically go through them and attempt to rewrite them to make them more consumable by others and myself.

I hope these can help guide people on their own attempts to understand the services that they host. Please always double check the facts and don't take a random netizen's personal assessment will match your use cases.


Festival is packaged in a way on Fedora in a standalone mode, it does not come with an init script to startup it's server on boot so the following is an adaptation of another one custom written to handle this. It's primarily used in Fedora for Gnome's usability support which doesn't run the server as a daemon.


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I never got this working there was some kind of authentication issue between the client and server but there are almost not diagnostic messages here. Old software doesn't feel good.

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