This section contains notes on various services and systems I've explored or setup. These are frequently stream of conciousness notes and may have dead ends, multiple attempts, or be outdated. I periodically go through them and attempt to rewrite them to make them more consumable by others and myself.

I hope these can help guide people on their own attempts to understand the services that they host. Please always double check the facts and don't take a random netizen's personal assessment will match your use cases.


Logrotate is a pretty simple and straight forward program. It's generally run as a nightly cron job testing the various configured file to see if they match their respective criteria for rotation.

LM Sensors

Useful for monitoring system statistics such as CPU core temperatures. After installing the lm_sensors packages you can run the sensors-detect command that will walk you through loading any kernel modules that may be necessary to read sensor data. Executing the sensors command will output the results of all of that nice information :)

Disk Errors

This is a weird file... But while installing gentoo on a disk I started getting a weird error when printing the current partitions on the drive:

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