This section contains notes on various services and systems I've explored or setup. These are frequently stream of conciousness notes and may have dead ends, multiple attempts, or be outdated. I periodically go through them and attempt to rewrite them to make them more consumable by others and myself.

I hope these can help guide people on their own attempts to understand the services that they host. Please always double check the facts and don't take a random netizen's personal assessment will match your use cases.

Dynamic DNS

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This guide intends to help you setup DDNS updates between an ISC DHCP server and an authoritative NSD name server. We assume you have a DHCP server with the following config:

Building a Certificate Authority

This page goes through how to create a local PKI infrastructure for use with all the other components listed in my notes and many may not mention it at all. It uses OpenSSL and provides scripts, information about choices made during the process and where to go next.


Daemon for parsing and handling messages from USB and serial GPS adapters.

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