This section contains notes on various services and systems I've explored or setup. These are frequently stream of conciousness notes and may have dead ends, multiple attempts, or be outdated. I periodically go through them and attempt to rewrite them to make them more consumable by others and myself.

I hope these can help guide people on their own attempts to understand the services that they host. Please always double check the facts and don't take a random netizen's personal assessment will match your use cases.


Duplicity is a command line backup utility that makes use of the rsync libraries to perform incremental backups. It also can use GPG public/private keypairs to handle backing up and restoring files.

Squid Guard

Squid Guard is officially a "URL Rewrite Program". It takes information about the requested page coming in and checks it against a series of ACLs, blacklists, and whitelists in an order specified by the administrator. The administrator can redirect offending pages to a block page (which has to be a hosted site outside of squid).


CFSSL is a toolkit of utilities for TLS PKI infrastructures and supports more functionality than I've personally needed. It is a fast and convenient way to setup and manage a multi-layer internal certificate authority.


RSyslog is a more advanced replacement for the aging klogd and syslogd. It supports useful features such as attribute filtering, multiple protocol support, and logging to databases.

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