If you’ve found this site, then you likely noticed the user agent of one of my software projects that I refer to as the Research Archiver. This bot is intended to take snapshots of page content similar to the Wayback Machine, but selectively crawls pages that I want to preserve for my own research purposes.

If you’d prefer this bot no longer crawl your site, it respects entries you place in your robots.txt file with the key ResearchArchiver. It also respects the newer X-Robots-Tag header directives (but not meta tag equivalents as I haven’t build a full HTML parser into it yet).

I have tried to make the bot as polite as possible, with very modest crawl rates , recognition and use of various HTTP cache directives, the robot directives, and the link microformat directives to not index and not crawl. By default will only crawl one-off pages. If I’ve requested a variety of pages from your site, the bot may automatically attempt to find interesting related content through a sitemap or RSS feed if available.

This is a not-for-profit project.

If this is causing you any issues, please feel free to reach out to me as described on my about page.